Mia-Costume FAQ
It is Q&A of Miacostume.
It answers various questions by the Q&A form.
Please question directly from the Q&A site when not understanding even if Q&A is read.
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Q: Can I change or cancel my order?
  A: We cannot accept cancellations or changes once you ordered your item(s).
After it orders, it is not possible to cancel basically.
Please confirm in detail, and order the size and the color.

Q: :I am worried about using my credit card online. Is it safe?

  A: :At MIA COSTUME, we have all the necessary security measures in place to ensure your credit card number and other personal information are protected against leakage or theft. The payment procedures with each credit card company is conducted via the credit payment service company, EPSILONthus all information is SSL encrypted (Secure Sockets Layer) and any data sent and received cannot be accessed by a third party

Q: In what currency will my credit card be charged?
  A: Our bill to your credit card company will be denominated in yen, regardless of the currency shown for reference purposes on our Website or in any correspondence with you. If your credit card company charges you in another currency (other than Japanese yen), the exchange rates will be based on the billing date set by your particular credit card company. Please refer to the contract with your credit card company for further details.

Q: How do you set the exchange rate ?
  A: The exchange rate is updated at 10:00 Japan time except on Wednesdays and Sundays.

Q: In which currency are the prices indicated ?
  A: We display prices in Japanese yen.

Q: How do you set the prices of the items?
  A: As our general principal, the prices of items are the same as the prices in Japan.

Q: About the method of receiving the credit card
  A: ★Credit-card transactions (Ipsilon agency Ltd.)

・After settling online, our company confirms whether the online payment was processed accurately.
During confirmation it takes about one or two days.
When the online payment is not made good,
It reports from our company to you with mail.

Method of credit card settlement procedure


Q: About Payment??
  A: Payment is by [credit card] only.
Because any commodity is an overseas shipment so payment other than the credit card are not accepted.

Q: Is the delivery charge necessary?
  A: ■EMS
It costs the carriage of EMS to the overseas shipment.
The price is different depending on weight.
The charge table according to weight is here.