Mia-Costume FAQ
It is Q&A of Miacostume.
It answers various questions by the Q&A form.
Please question directly from the Q&A site when not understanding even if Q&A is read.
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Q: It changes and I want to confirm the content of the registration of the address, the telephone number, and the mail address.
  A: miacos Headquarters

miacos english site

It is possible to change, and to confirm it on the "MY ACCOUNT"page.

Please log it in from "MY ACCOUNT".

 ・To the customer of purchase in the MiaCostume mail order headquarters

※ MY ACCOUNT: The person who buys it at MiaCostume, men's MiaCostume, Miacos Rakuten branch can use a member individual page that can confirm the purchase situation etc. It becomes individual management according to each site, so please refer to the My Account of the ordered site.

Q: To change the password.
  A: It is not possible to change in the password in MiaCostume headquarters.