Mia-Costume FAQ
It is Q&A of Miacostume.
It answers various questions by the Q&A form.
Please question directly from the Q&A site when not understanding even if Q&A is read.
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Q: When may I have the answer of the inquiry?
  A: The inquiry of the national holiday of the weekend cannot be answered at all.

About the answer of the inquirywe will inquire of the sewing factory and the manufacturer company.
The answer might become slow by their business schedules.
Please acknowledge it is possible to answer if it is a easy question, but sometimes it might take for a while.

Q: How should I do when it is not possible to inquire in mail?
  A: Though it asks the customer for the inquiry with mail
Please inquire of the following telephone numbers or the fax numbers when it is not possible to inquire in mail.
The international phone charge is your load.
Collect call is not accepted.

Mia Costume
 TEL +81ー3-6804-3772
 FAX +81ー3-6804-3771(24hour) 
Business hours
Monday to Friday 14:00〜 18:00
No regular holiday

Business hours are short, and it is not likely to be able to respond even if it inquires because it is not a regular holiday.
The staff who understands a foreign language is not residing.
The question with mail is recommended in case of English.
It asks for the inquiry with the mail form or mail to decrease the communication mistake with the customer to offer the commodity cheaply.


Q: Where are inquiries?
  A: Miacostum asks for the inquiry in the mail form or mail.

When it makes a mistake in customer's name and brand name for inquiry by telephone and fax.
We hope the inquiry in the mail form or mail as much as possible.

●Inquiry by mail form(Recommendation)●
mail form

●Inquiry in mail●