Mia-Costume FAQ
It is Q&A of Miacostume.
It answers various questions by the Q&A form.
Please question directly from the Q&A site when not understanding even if Q&A is read.
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Q: Can I change or cancel my order?
  A: We cannot accept cancellations or changes once you ordered your item(s).
After it orders, it is not possible to cancel basically.
Please confirm in detail, and order the size and the color.

Q: How to order??
  A: All are the orders from the Internet.
(The order by the telephone and the fax is not taken at all. )

●Mail order site●
・Mia Costum headquarters miacos english site
 (Point reduction of 5%)


Q: To do the wrapping and deliver the commodity.
  A: It is possible to select it on the ordered page.
miacos english site→It's possible to add 600yen, the wrapping can be delivered.

The wrapping is a delivery that puts the commodity in the wrapping bag of our specification.
It is a wrapping bag that the following wrapping bags usually use in our company.
The design of wrapping might be changed by an ordered size of the commodity, a number of commodities, and other situation.
Please acknowledge it.

The small message card is attached together with Natural brown bag. If you would like to write a message,please fill in the message on the remarks column of the commodity order within 40 characters.

Sentence for message card(within 40 characters)
Please fill it in by the form.

[Filling in example]
Sentence for message card(within 40 characters)
「Congratulations to on 18 years old. Happy Birthday. 」


Q: Can clothes of custom-made be made?
  A: We are afraid but custom-made of the commodity sent out to foreign countries doesn't go.
Only the customer in Japan is serving custom-made.

Q: Is the commodity stocked with the company?Is there a sold out thing?
  A: Our company doesn't have the stock of all commodities.
Moreover, it might be manufacturing discontinuance by the abolition turn even if it orders by the situation.
However, this is the same even if asking on the mail order site of which costume play clothes.

Q: Is the order accepted?
  A: The mail of the confirmation is automatically transmitted within one hour at latest after it orders, and the following causes are thought if not reaching.

(1) The mistake is found in your registered mail address.

→Your registered mail address
Please fill in on the following inquiry form, and contact us.
Inquiry form

(2) In the mail setting of your computer, "Mail reception refusal" has been selected.
→ Please set to be able to receive mail from "mia_costume@yahoo.co.jp"

The content of the customer's order can be confirmed by "My Account" →"Order record". Please input the ID password from "My account" and log it in.
≪My Account≫
 ・A customer of purchase in the Miacostum mail order headquarters


Q: It will be able to buy it in the shop of Miacostum?
  A: In Japan, you can buy the Mia costume directry hereIt is a sales corner in "Asobitto cara city" 6F in Akihabara only for the commodity of our company.

The publishing commodity of the online mail order site and the store-based sales commodity of Asobitto cara city 6F are different.
Please acknowledge the store-based sales commodity to be correspondence only of the article.

Q: What is the wagon?
  A: The wagon is a shopping basket that temporarily puts the commodity.
At the stage put in the wagon, it is not an order yet.
After it puts it in the wagon, it is possible to cancel.
There is keeping time of the commodity kept in the wagon.
Whether one or two hours are passed, the commodity of the wagon might be cleared.

Q: The commodity put in the wagon was disappeared.
  A: Please note that the commodity put in the wagon is deleted in the following cases.

1.When nothing is operated on the homepage and a long time passes
2.When a browser is shut

In this case, please put the commodity in the wagon again again.