Mia-Costume FAQ
It is Q&A of Miacostume.
It answers various questions by the Q&A form.
Please question directly from the Q&A site when not understanding even if Q&A is read.
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Q: Can I change or cancel my order?
  A: We cannot accept cancellations or changes once you ordered your item(s).
After it orders, it is not possible to cancel basically.
Please confirm in detail, and order the size and the color.

Q: About the overseas shipment
  A: EMS(Express Mail Service )  

●Input when ordering●
・Order information: Please input an overseas present address and the where to make contact.
・delivery destination:Please input it in the alphanumeric character.
Languages other than alphanumeric character(Example:Korean character,Arabic character, Chinese etc..)Please input it by an alphabetic mark.

●Overseas shipment charge(all parts of the world common charge)●
0g〜501g     world common charge ¥1500
502g〜1001g   world common charge ¥2800
1002g〜1501g   world common charge ¥3700
1502g〜2001g   world common charge ¥4600
2002g〜3001g   world common charge ¥6200
3002g〜4001g   world common charge ¥7800
4002g〜5001g   world common charge ¥9400
5002g〜7001g  world common charge ¥12300
7002g〜10001g  world common charge ¥16200
10002g〜15001g  world common charge ¥22700
15002g〜20001g  world common charge ¥29200
20002g〜30001g  world common charge ¥42200

The weight of each commodity when ordering is set automatically, and it is calculated by the automatic operation.
When it is a region where EMS can be delivered to any region all over the world,
it is possible to deliver it because it is a common price of the world.

●About the weight of the commodity●
As for the weight of the commodity, the following weights are set.

・Accessories and small articles, etc. 300g〜500g
・School uniform and Chinese dress, etc.1kg
・Heavy dress clothes like maid uniform or gothic lolita clothes.etc. 2kg〜3kg

It is a separate setting in each commodity.
Please judge final weight from the total amount of money of the carriage after putting the commodity in the shopping wagon.

The inquiry of the delivery situation after the commodity is shipped from our company cannot be answered excluding EMS delivery slip number. Please refer to herefor the inquiry of EMS delivery number when you want to examine the delivery situation.

There is no examination method as our company except the slip number when it is delivered to foreign countries, and order by customer's self-responsibility, please.
Moreover, about the case lost while luggage is delivering it
The customer is a guarantee within the range of the guarantee in the post office in the receipt schedule country.
Moreover, even when the guarantee of the mail loss is received, we cannot do help other than the copy sending of the restraint of the delivery slip at all the notification or the situation or more of EMS delivery slip number.
(It is when the guarantee is not received from the post office at all depemd on the country and the region where you live.
Please understand the person who lives in such a country and the region though it is thought that it knows. )

●Especially, attention●
After the commodity is reconfirmed when we ship it, it delivers it.
However, it is not warrantable of the service price paid by the customer at all in case of our packing mistake and the mistake of bundled commodity either.

About regulations like the above-mentioned
・The content of packing had changed by the check in the customhouse on the way.
・Because the box was damaged while delivering it, the number of goods is insufficient.
Such a case is thought.
The complaint of an uncertain cause is assumption as our company.
Moreover, about the cases such as the exchanges and sending back the commodity.
There is a case where the carriages rise more than the commodity price.
Therefore, it becomes the above-mentioned correspondence.

Please use it by the self-responsibility after acknowledging that it is unwarrantable all
by a mistake and a mistake responsible of our company "Mia Costume".

We will use the overseas shipment by customer's self-responsibility to the end.
Our commodity targets only the customer who can buy the overseas shipment by the self-responsibility.
Please understand.

●In any case, it is not possible to respond to the repayment for the overseas shipment. ●
As for the remittance to foreign countries, a lot of troubles are expected.
Please purcharse it by the self-responsibility after the thing that any situation cannot be repaid consents even if money is received with the credit card when ordering.

●The order is not taken depend on the order region and those who order●
I might get the order done to make the copy of our commodity from some customers sometimes.
The content of the order might be annulled because of our judgment.
In that case, it doesn't respond to the repayment at all even if the commodity price is paid
beforehand by credit-card transactions and the bank transfer, etc. , and understand, please.
It doesn't respond to the order for the judgment as the overseas copy commodity manufacturing enterprise at all by our judgment.
It is not possible to correspond to any complaint. Please note it.


Q: To do the wrapping and deliver the commodity.
  A: It is possible to select it on the ordered page.
miacos english site→It's possible to add 600yen, the wrapping can be delivered.

The wrapping is a delivery that puts the commodity in the wrapping bag of our specification.
It is a wrapping bag that the following wrapping bags usually use in our company.
The design of wrapping might be changed by an ordered size of the commodity, a number of commodities, and other situation.
Please acknowledge it.

The small message card is attached together with Natural brown bag. If you would like to write a message,please fill in the message on the remarks column of the commodity order within 40 characters.

Sentence for message card(within 40 characters)
Please fill it in by the form.

[Filling in example]
Sentence for message card(within 40 characters)
「Congratulations to on 18 years old. Happy Birthday. 」


Q: Can I request for my item(s) to be delivered at a specific time?
  A: Unfortunately you are unable to indicate what time you would like your item(s) delivered.


Q: I would like to order more than one of the same item. Can you package and send them separately?
  A: Unfortunately we cannot package and send items separately as all items in an order are packaged and sent together. If you would like items to be packaged and sent separately, please complete a separate order for each individual item. However, please be aware that delivery charges will be incurred for each order.

Q: I want to know the order status of the commodity.
  A: We send the delivery confirmation mail to your mail address at the same time as completing the shipment of the commodity.

Q: I want you not to be able to recognize an inside commodity when it is delivered.
  A: We are afraid but it is not possible to do.
We will fill in details of contents on INVOICE at the time of the overseas sending out.


Q: About when does the commodity reach?
●About the overseas shipment●

The overseas shipment can be sent out at once if there is the stock by our company,
and if it is out of stock, it takes two months or less to prepare the commodity.
The arrival days are different depend on the country of the addressee though it will send out by EMS as soon as it is ready.
The expectation doesn't adhere because our company cannot comment about an arrival
expected date all over the world at all.
Please acknowledge it.