Mia-Costume FAQ
It is Q&A of Miacostume.
It answers various questions by the Q&A form.
Please question directly from the Q&A site when not understanding even if Q&A is read.
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Q: How is the point saved?
  A: A prescribed point is issued according to the amount of money of the purchase commodity (excluding tax).
The point gotten when buying it can be used from the next shopping.

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・Miacostum headquarters
 miacos english site
 (5%Point reduction)


Q: Is there something excluded about the point issue?
  A: Various commission and carriages are off the subject of the point issue.

Q: What is the point?
  A: It's what is called frequent buyer programme.
It is possible to use it as a discount of "One point = one yen" on our site.
Your points can be examined from your My Account Page.